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M1: Forever Number One

This is it - my MoFa. There will be more Builts coming, but this is my Daily Driver for now and ever. Mark IIIMark II freshly painted (again)Mark 0.5Mark I in the snow e-Parts Motor: 1KW Hub MotorController: S12SN 1000Watts…

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What e-Moped to buy in 2022?

Until 2018 there were just the pedelecs or whatever the fuck you call these middle motor pensioneer cruisers and a handful of cool projects around electric bikes. These days i stumble on a new project every week and there is…

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Dot Eco.

What do you guys think a 10km trip on electric power costs? With a tram i am paying around 4,50€. A taxi is 20, an uber is 14 bucks. Depending on your car 10km cost around 1€ just for gas.…

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P2: Frame Up

Roundabout two thousand kilometers i used the Flying Dutchman frame. But the biggest problem was the single rim brake on the front. It was a deathtrap, so i built another one. I had this frame for more than a decade.…

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P1: The Flying Dutchman

This was the Start of Everything. My old and beloved Flying Dutchman had a broken rear axle and became the first prototype. A chinese 1KW electric HUB motor and some redneck building techniques: the result was a deathtrap with too…

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