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What e-Moped to buy in 2022?

Until 2018 there were just the pedelecs or whatever the fuck you call these middle motor pensioneer cruisers and a handful of cool projects around electric bikes. These days i stumble on a new project every week and there is really cool stuff.

The electric future looks bright. So let me try to curate a list of what is cool in 2022:


This is what you can get from California for around 8.000$ and they certainly look very good. I am not a fan of wheelcovers, but it can look very good. What i don’t get is to not use hub motors, but that may be my thing.

Ride Cake

I am saving on a Makka – just because i like the newschool industrial look. These are sold with 25 km/h restrictions which is what i want to do, even if that is stupidly slow.

UBCO Bikes

Hey UBCO-guys: you rock and suck! I am secretly telling everyone, that i invented the Allwheel Electric Drive for Mopeds, and i really did but i know as well that the concept itself is kinda not new, but until you didn’t drive an allwheel bike you have no idea why this is just the best concept for bikes. For power and efficiency!

BREKR – Dutch Design Bromfiets

Cool computerindustrial cafe racer look. I like the cleanliness of its look and the sleek seat. And the monobar frame is quite clever. 4KW for 4500 €, no matter if you choose 25 or 45 km/h. Despite the render images this seems to be a market ready project and i would love to have a go.

Circit Bikes – Indonesian BMX scooter

Blending the fun of a bmx with the comfort of a scooter. That’s a combination i like a lot. Seems to be an indonesian project and i saw on bali that these guys are bike fanatics. The frame set up looks quite clever with enough space for everything. They sell kits at 999$ or complete bikes starting from 3500$. Best of Luck to you guys!

Urban Drive Style – Berliner Early Adopter

This was my first encounter with a somehow cool ebike. It’s a fun little bike to ride around town. Supersimple frame, big tires – absolutely easy to drive. You can have different power and battery options starting around 3300$.

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