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The Motor Fahrrad

This is – a private engeneering project to make use of state of the art electric drive systems.

What’s what? This project started 2019 with 3 simple tasks to built a solid MoFa-Prototype to test electric setups. Check. It’s 2024 now – there a two MoFi running daily and know it’s all about R&D.

The Mission is to built the best MoFa possible: efficient, smart and built forever!

The perfect Frame

The Box for Battery & Controller with stury and well though out Front- & Backend to fit suspended Axls as a Framekit to build 10 different MoFi.

All Wheel Drive

Why not have a motor on every axle when it is this easy? I am asking everyone: how am i the only one having and loving it?

Regenerative Braking

There is a motor, so it should be used as a generator, when braking. The Efficiency is not very good right now, but gets better with every update.


The new goal is to achieve a range of 100km from 20Ah of Jiuce!

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