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M1: Forever Number One

This is it – my MoFa. There will be more Builts coming, but this is my Daily Driver for now and ever.


Motor: 1KW Hub Motor
Controller: S12SN 1000Watts 40Amps Torque Simulation Sine Wave Controller
Battery: 48V – 20Ah

Weakspot ECU

First Motor, First Battery – Third ECU. The controller is the weakspot right now, but when i will not be blaming cheap chinese tech, because i tuned the power output to kill the controller. The original setup is actually not bad, but it the software and it’s parameters are relevant wether the bike fun or lame.

Custom ROM

Big thanks to casainho and stancecoke forums for developing and testing the only working (?) opensource ROM for standard controllers. Sine-Wave Simulation is a huge Update and the option for variable Regen and to set the power output for level 1-5 is very good to have.

As i said – i am running on controller 3 and level 5 is set to around 1500 Watts Peakpower and i am pretty sure this will not kill the controller a fourth time. BUT: i am waiting for better controllers to arrive because the controller has to be the strongest part in my opinion and the one’s everyone is used, are shit.

5.000 km Update

Running better than ever. The DURO tyres make a difference and may be good for another 5K. We will see.

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