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Dot Eco.

What do you guys think a 10km trip on electric power costs? With a tram i am paying around 4,50€. A taxi is 20, an uber is 14 bucks. Depending on your car 10km cost around 1€ just for gas.

Mobility is expensive, we all know that. But when i calculated the price of me going the same 10km with my electric drive i was more than stunned. Charging it on the cheap and clean commercial rate in the office, i pay 2.5 cents. Charging it at home doubles or even triples that to around 6 cents.

I am not an eco activist. I have a piggy bank to save up money to buy an old V8 car. It’s not about saving the planet. I do not want to tell you how you should live or behave, but the price difference to any other form of transport is just ridiculous.

So, if you are poor: go buy an electric scooter. Be Free!

Prototype No. 1

As you can see i finally ditched to bicycle frames. What you see is a simple steel-frame, welded from basic 25×25 mm steel. It’s not a model, but it’s not a toy either. The electric setup is still the same and i cannot tell you how much i love this thing.

Now i can experiment with the electrics, especially with linear regen braking. I keep you updated.

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