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MotorFahrrad: Add a motor to a bike

I am german. And as everyone knows: we have a word for almost everything. If you out an engine (MOtor) to bicycle (FAhrrad) you get a MoFa. And for my project, this is key.

My goal was to build the perfect commuter vehicle. And i want to skip traffic and roads because there are beautiful bicycle tracks to go everywhere.

Rules and Regolations

In germany there is a 25 (MoFa) or 45 (Scooter) km/h rule for small bikes you can drive with your ordinary drivers licence. And this is all fucked up, to be honest. 25 is like hardly moving and with 45 you are blocking traffic and you endanger yourself.

What i do is just don’t let myself be stuck in regulations. My personal setup is set to a top speed of around 41. Fast enough to get around but not exactly dangerous for the driver or everybody else.

Mofi frei

A MoFa you ride on bikelanes. This is the future and i bet on bikelanes getting more important and present within the near future. Redlights are the pinnacle of human civilisation. Everybody hates waiting.

This maybe a german or dutch thing, but a MoFa is not really allowed on bikelanes if it’s not excepted by a sign. And this the deal: i want a vehicle especially not for the road. I want to go through nature. Why not – i am not harming the environment, there isn’t even oil that can drop from the chain. You cannot go more green.

And if you don’t behave like an Audi driver on the Autobahn it is perfectly safe to go 35 or 40 km/h on a bikelane. A MoFa by law is jut allowed to go 25, but there is another law saying – if you don’t tune your MoFa you are an idiot. It’s just the way it is. When i was 15 my MoFa was running 100 km/h. Yes, i had constant trouble with the local sherif, but i was worth it. And it is now. But now i can „detune“ my MoFa with the push of a button. It is still not road legal and maybe never will be.

But it’s a 25 km/h motorized bicycle to commute or have fun.

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